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CLN&DRTY is committed to only creating products that are effective, luxurious and crafted from the highest quality, natural ingredients.

From Paula Hoss, founder of CLN&DRTY

"I've always been interested in going the more natural route for food and beauty products. They just feel better in and on my body. I've also been pretty crafty and have always dabbled with DIY around the house. After I had my daughter (who is now 2), I started becoming more serious about natural products around the home.

I distinctly remember one day, when she was a few months old, I had sprayed sunscreen on myself and she was teething and started licking my shoulder. I immediately thought about the chemicals that she was directly eating and started researching truly natural sunscreen. I had a hard time differentiating between the natural and non natural products and figuring out what chemicals were truly dangerous.

I found a few recipes online for sunscreen made from ingredients that I knew, so I gave it a try. It was an absolute hit and my friends all started asking for me to make them some. That was about 2 years ago and it's been growing since. I officially launched CLN&DRTY this Spring during my 2nd pregnancy. Again, I wanted all natural products for myself and my family and through playing around, I started making some really effective and amazing products.

I've committed to only creating products that are effective, luxurious and make you feel good. I can pronounce and identify all of my ingredients and they've been tried and tested on my family. And honestly, I'm just excited to create and share with the people around me!"

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